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The Best Tourist Places In Vijayawada: A Complete Guide

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Are you looking for some amazing tourist places in Vijayawada? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be listing out some of the most popular tourist places in Vijayawada that are sure to please everyone. From ancient monuments to scenic lakes, we’ll have everything you need to plan your perfect trip to the city of love. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through some of the best places to visit in Vijayawada!

Top 10 Tourist Places In Vijayawada: A Complete Guide


1. Bhavani Island

Bhavani Island located on the Krishna River is located near Prakasam Barrage. The island is the biggest on the river, covering an area of about 130 acres. The pools are well maintained and visitors can enjoy an amazing time here. Boat rides have been scheduled through the Tourism Department from Durga Ghat. Water sports like fishing and fishing are well-known in this region.

2. Prakasam Barrage

If you’re looking for breathtaking views while you are in Vijayawada and the surrounding areas, then Prakasam Barrage is the place that will make you awestruck. The bridge is constructed on 160 pillars and links Kolkata to Chennai. The best part about visiting the bridge is during the night. Illuminated by lights, it provides breathtaking views of the surrounding area and that of Krishna and is among the most breathtaking places to visit at night in Vijayawada.

 3. Gandhi Hill

The first memorial to Gandhi was built on the top of the hill Vijayawada which is why the hill is known as Gandhi Hill. A monument to Gandhi with a height of 15.8 feet was unveiled the year 1968. In 1968, the Gandhi Memorial Library in this area has a vast selection of books. The planetarium has a show with sound and light that will delight visitors. The views from the hill are breathtaking.

4. Kolleru Lake

The most renowned freshwater lake of India, Kolleru Lake is one of the most picturesque locations for a visit to Vijayawada. With migratory birds coming from all over the globe, more than 2 lakh people come to the lake during the peak season each year. The range of birds is vast. Glossy Ibises, to Redshanks as well as from Teals up to Bill Storks, Kolleru lake is a great place to enjoy a day with people who are drawn to nature.

5. Undavalli Caves

Four stories of Undavalli Caves are located just 8km from Vijayawada. This cave dates to the seventh century BC and is among the first caves in the region. The sculpture and architecture are beautiful examples of the artistic talent of the early people. A statue of Vishnu with his back in a reclined posture is made from one block of granite. The carvings on the rock are extremely complex. The fourth story isn’t finished which stimulates our imagination’s ability to take the action. The gorgeous location gives stunning panoramas of the countryside. Sunsets are spectacular to watch from this location. 

6.Mogalarajapuram Caves 

The cave was discovered in the 5th century. Mogalarajapuram Caves is famous for its sacred caves cut from the rock. Three caves that are located in the area are the only one that is well-preserved. They are a tribute to the ancient aesthetics and architecture of the previous era.

7. Amravati museum

In the list of popular tourist spots located in Vijayawada, the Amravati museum is the most amazing because it gives an insight into the history of the city, which dates far back. It is an archeological museum, where you can find many artifacts and sculptures. If you’re a history lover or a lover of art, then this is a museum that you must visit during your vacation. 

8. Kondapalli Fort  

Kondapalli Fort belongs to the 7th century. The fort was constructed on the top of a hill. this fort is three stories high and offers breathtaking panoramas of the city. The rock tower that can be seen there is stunning. The fort was an unassuming witness to the fall and rise of various kingdoms.

The fort was constructed as a spot to relax, it was later utilized as a military training facility for the British. Kondapalli village, which is located near the fort, is famous for the vibrant toys it makes. These toys are made out of Poniki which is a light wood.

9. Victoria Museum 

Victoria Museum was founded in 1887. The museum’s collections will be a delight for archaeologists as well as the average person alike. The collections allow to further research for experts, the average person will surely be enthralled by the exhibits that shed illumination on the rich tradition and culture of the region. 

The collection is unique and includes exquisite artifacts, paintings, tools from the past, stone plates made of copper and weapons, golden coins, and numerous other items. Manuscripts, as well as other objects discovered during the excavations that are conducted here provide evidence of the style and life of people from the past.

10. Besant Road

The most crowded trade center in the city, buzzing with trade and activity, Besant Road is a dynamic location in Vijayawada. It has become an important point of commercial activity in recent years. With numerous restaurants that offer top-quality services, the foodies of the town are enthralled by this street. 

The crowds flock to the street to watch the most recent films from all over the world, which is a huge means of enjoyment for people. A business, trade, and entertainment center, Besant Road is an avenue to explore to see the daily, everyday life and a little of the life of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the top attractions to visit in Vijayawada?

Amaravati, Undawalli Caves, Kondapalli Fort, Kolleru Lake & Sanctuary,  etc. are some of the top tourist attractions in  Vijayawada

2. What is the best time to visit Vijayawada?

The ideal time to trip to Vijayawada is during winter particularly from October through March. The summers can be hot and the monsoons, while beautiful and welcoming, could make your plans less enjoyable when the rain falls more than usual. 


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