Places to visit from Maredumilli

Best Places To Visit In Maredumilli (2022)

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Maredumilli is a small town located in the state of Andhrapradesh. The place is well known for its greenery and scenic beauty. Maredumilli has many tourist places that must be visited once in a lifetime. Tourists from all over the world visit this place every year to enjoy their holidays and spend some time with friends and family.

1. Jalatharangini Waterfalls

Seven kilometers away from the Maredumilli Bus Stand, Jalatharangini is a beautiful waterfall situated on the Rajahmundry and Bhadrachalam highway in Maredumilli village. It is located in the East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. It is a waterfall that flows during the season that is also a frequented location in Maredumilli.

Jalatharangini Waterfall is a cascade of water flowing through the forests and mountains. It’s an impressive multi-tiered waterfall. In monsoon time the small waterfall is filled with the sound of a gush and is an absolute delight for anyone who enjoys nature. The water is clear and crystal and you can take a dip in the water beneath the waterfall.

It is necessary to walk for 150m to reach the falls from the entrance point. The walk takes approximately 30 minutes. The walk is muddy and difficult. The tribes of the area control the water by building steps and creating easy paths through the jungle that have barricade posts along the sides. There is plenty of parking space for automobiles.

2. Amruthadhara Falls

At a distance of 15km from Maredumilli Bus Stand, Amruthadhara is a beautiful waterfall situated along the Rajahmundry and Bhadrachalam Highway. This highway lies located close to Maredumilli located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. It is a seasonal waterfall, and one of the most visited places in Maredumilli. Amruthadhara is formed by the course of a stream during the season, surrounded by forests and rocks that are steep. During monsoon time, this small waterfall will make the perfect spot for nature lovers. The waterfall is split into two sections. It’s not the most ideal place for bathing, but it is workable to slide.

It is necessary to walk up a hill for about 1 km before you reach the waterfalls near the entry point. It will take about an hour to view the waterfalls. The route towards the falls is difficult and treacherous. This waterfall is managed by tribes of tribal origin within the region. They control the area by building steps and making a simple forest path that has support bars on the sides. There is ample space for parking vehicles.

3. Rampa Waterfalls

At a distance of four kilometers away from Rampachodavaram village and 29 kilometers away from Maredumilli, Rampa Waterfalls is a breathtaking waterfall situated in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. It is among the most visited places in Maredumilli and one of the most beautiful falls in Andhra. Also called Rampachodavaram Falls, the waterfall falls from an elevation of approximately 50 feet. It is located close to Rampachodavaravillage. It is the only one of the coastal falls located in Andhra Pradesh. You can enjoy the plunge in this waterfall amid thick vegetation. It is refreshing. It is possible to swim all year long in this waterfall as well as the stream downstream.

The waterfall is situated in a thick jungle and is accessible by jeeps. The journey through the jungle can be thrilling. The road and the region leading towards the water feature are kept by residents. It’s a little trek to get to the waterfall from the point of entry. As you climb, the stream of water will be to your left and there are a few smaller waterfalls, making the hike more enjoyable. It’s a 20-minute climb to that main water feature.

There is an old Shiva Temple known as Sri Neelakanteswara temple close to the Rampachodavaram waterfalls. A dance festival is held each during Shivratri day in this area where the renowned tribal dance Vela is showcased. In this dance, the costumes of the dancers are attractive.

4. Bhupathipalem Reservoir

Four miles from Rampachodavaram Bus Stand as well as 21 km of Maredumilli, Bhupathipalem Reservoir is an earthen dam situated at Bhupathipalem near Rampachodavaram town in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. It is among the most popular Maredumilli Tourist Places. This Bhupathipalem Reservoir Project is a medium-sized irrigation project that was constructed in Seethapalli Vagu, which is an aquifer and hill stream to the river Godavari. The plan is to supply irrigation services that cover an area that covers 11,526 acres, including tribal ayacut, and to provide drinking water for 32 villages of Rampachoadavaram and Gangavaram Mandals of East Godavari district.

The reservoir is covered by beautiful coniferous and pine trees. The reservoir is a small island with submerged trees and high mountains in the background. Every turn along the lake provides an alternative perspective of the landscape. There is a parking area and boating area for guests. There are only paddle boats available at this location. The absence of mechanized vessels makes the river still, and the reflections of the mountains appear as a large natural mirror.

5. Gudisa Hill station

Gudisa Hill station is a beautiful adventure spot and the best spot to unwind. People visit here in groups on bikes or in cars and then stay to take in the beauty of nature. Rent the use of a tent for your overnight stay. At the top of this hill, you could also set up a campfire.

Gudisa Hill Station is situated 120 kilometers away from Rajahmundry 40 km from Maredumilli. It takes about 2 hours to reach gudisa Hill station. Around 100 residents live in the area There are around 20 homes in the village. Gudisa Hill station is located in an area of 32.1237 acres.

Note that food items are not available in Gudisa so don’t be forgetting to buy water and food items before beginning travel to the gudisa hill station. You can also get the items you need to cook food such as sticks, stove water, as well as other necessities.

6. Manyam Viewpoint

Manyam Viewpoint is located between Amruthadhara and Jalatarangini waterfalls. From this viewpoint, you can see beautiful landscapes and valleys from this point. It’s a 13-kilometer drive and it takes only 30 minutes to get to the Manyam Viewpoint from the bus stop at Maredumilli.

Andhra Pradesh state tourism has constructed a unique platform to allow visitors to sit on it to take in beautiful maredumilli. You can also take stunning images here with the backdrop of valleys, landscapes, large trees

In the end, it’s the ideal location to go to in Maredumilli tourist places

7. Best time to visit Maredumilli

By the seasons changing the climate and if you’re a lover of peace, tranquility, forests, and waterfalls, between July and December, is the ideal time to visit.

If you can endure the heat or wish to go during the peak season to avoid crowds, the months of February through May are the ideal time to visit.

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8. How to Reach Maredumilli

The Maredumilli area can be reached by three methods: Bus, Train, and Flight.


Take the flight from your closest airport to Rajahmundry and rent an auto-drive vehicle, bicycle, or taxi’s only 70 km away from Rajahmundry airport. It only takes two hours to get there maredumilli.


It is not clear if there was an immediate train departure from your place of residence, but for the majority of the cities that have trains that go to Rajahmundry Check out the irctc.

Rent a bike or taxi 85 km away from Rajahmundry railway station. It’s about two and a half hours to travel.


When you arrive at Rajahmundry the bus terminal, you can, as usual, you can hire a bike or car, or reserve a tourist package in advance. They will transport passengers to your maredumilli, 85 kilometers away from Rajahmundry.

9. Hotels in Maredumilli (Stay)

If you are from distance-based places like Hyderabad and wanted to reside in maredumilli. You should be looking for the top hotels.

Vanavihari Eco-Tourism Center

It is run by the government in Andhra Pradesh operates this hotel is located in a lush green area One of the best hotels to stay at and is located only 500m from the main intersection. Make reservations for your rooms ahead of time before going to the maredumilli.

Birds Nest Resorts & Tourism

BirdsNest began in 2012 to offer the luxury and comfort of nature-lovers. More than 100 guests can stay at the hotel. It is situated in an area of 15 acres, with many outdoor games, and is surrounded by trees. The hotel is situated 15kms away from Maredumilli

Jungle Star Eco Camp

It’s a great resort owned by the A.P. government and provides everything you need for an enjoyable stay. staff is humble. This property is kept in perfect condition and neat. It is situated 10.2 kilometers away from Maredumilli.

Aranya Eco Resorts

Nature lovers of all kinds will be delighted by this hotel, the single night and meals are available at an affordable cost, which is ideal for couples and families.

The hotel is surrounded by green trees and valleys surrounding the hotel, it is also possible to set up campfires at standard cost. The staff is a well-treated and worthwhile place to stay. It is 10 kilometers away from Maredumilli.


Maredumilli is a beautiful place and has many attractions to offer. This ultimate guide will help you decide which places to visit during your trip. Though it might seem like there are too many places to visit, but don’t worry, we have narrowed it down for you!




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